3 ways to grow your Instagram fast


When it comes to growing your Instagram following there are really 3 possible ways:

  1. Manually
  2. Hiring a service
  3. Buying followers

In this article we will look into more detail what are the pros and cons of all three options.


This is the safes and obviously the most preferred way to do it by Instagram.

It requires a lot of research to start with.

Whatever your specific niche is, follow all the leads and start learning what they do right.

Everything goes down to those 3 things.

  1. What kind of content are they uploading?
  2. What hashtags are they using?
  3. How do they drive engagement?

Once you figure out what kind of content is best for this niche and you know what content you are best at – you gotta research the best hashtags to use in order for people to find you.

There are plenty of services that can help you with that, but we do not promote anything directly, so you will see no links in this article, but we do share a lot of golden nuggets via email or Facebook messenger.

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Once you have your hashtags in order – find out what techniques are the big guys using to drive engagement.

  • What call to action are they using in their descriptions?
  • What call to action they have in their profile bio?
  • What are they saying in their videos?
  • Are they running any giveaways or contests?

Those are just few examples of things which help drive engagement with ultimately gets your account in front of more eyeballs and therefore you get more followers and likes.

Hiring a service

If you got the budget and don’t have the time you can certainly outsource some things to someone else.

It could be a freelancer, a company or a bot.

It’s a great option to set and forget and see how everyday your followers are growing.

All those options do work, but you would still need to have good content and good engagement.

What those services would mostly do is follow people who engage with similar content and expect to get follow backs.

Usually every 10 people you follow you can expect that 1-2 will follow back.

That way if you have the consistency after a while you could have a massive following.

This takes a lot of time and dedication therefore hiring a service would be a good option.

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Buying followers

This is the quickest way to gain followers.

You go to a company, pay them and in a short period of time you see a ton of new followers.

There are two ways companies can provide such service.

One is that they have contact to a lot of Instagram influencers which post something about your account and get you a lot of exposure quick. They get paid for that and the company just makes a commission.

The second option is the company has thousands of fake accounts and they just make all those accounts follow you.

Obviously the first option is better because you want real accounts following you, but the con is that it’s far more expensive.

Fake accounts still have their benefits because they provide you with social proof. Also, as they come quick, they tell Instagram that something about your content is going viral and is being liked by a lot of people, therefore you get more exposure to real people by their algorithm.

You can always test and see which works best for you.

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