The Secret Ways To Make Money Online On Autopilot


This article is meant for people who are looking to work smart, not hard.

Work Smart, Not Hard!

If you have googled ‘how can I make money’ or ‘how to earn extra money’ or something similar and you have read what google has to offer you saw that its mostly crappy articles that are telling you the things you already know.

Such as:

  • 1. Become an Uber driver
  • 2. Sell your stuff on Amazon
  • 3. Become e Freelancer
  • 4. Start a blog

And other similar strategies which is what you already know.

You know that there are people drinking martinis on some beach in the Caribbean which are making more money than you in the same time and you have been wondering how they are doing it.

This article is to give you an idea on some secret strategies which people use to generate money even while they sleep.

I am one of those people. I have been ‘bossless’ for 8 years now.

I am not saying I do not work, but I work only for myself and only when I want to and its convenient for me.

I am not alone.

I am part of a collective and we opened this foundation to find specific kind of people who are willing to dig deep to find a way to become financially free and change their lives.


The fact that you are still reading this article is a good start.

So, let’s start.


No matter if you are a blogger, influencer, marketer or a business owner making money online comes down to 2 things – generating traffic & monetizing this traffic.

So, it goes down to two steps and guess which one is harder?

The first one. Generating traffic.

8 years ago, it was much easier because ranking on google wasn’t so hard.

I used to write few articles every week and rank them to first page of google and this is how I took care of traffic.

Then I found someone who was selling products in this niche and make a deal to get a commission for sending this traffic to them.

I made a sh*t load of money that way.

But lately its so much harder as everyone and their brother is doing it and google has stepped up their game massively.

When Facebook got big and introduced Facebook ads It was easy again for about two years, but now everyone is using Facebook ads and it’s so much more expensive.

Then it was Instagram!

Oh, Instagram!

I made so much cash with Instagram…

The moral of the story is that if you can generate the traffic – you will easily find someone who will give you money for it and you will be able to automate that.

I have a way to generate a lot of traffic in any niche now and I am willing to share with some people, but I am not sharing it just like this publicly on an article that you can find on google.

If you want to learn my secrets, I need you to contact me personally by filling the form in the bottom of this article.

I need to do it that way because I don’t want unlimited amount of people to know this.

I need to keep it all under my control and I need to know who is on my team.

What I will be able to provide for you is a full-on system that would generate the traffic and a full-blown education on how to monetize it.

What is even more important is that you will join our group and keep on getting information on how to make it even years from now when things change like they always do.

What works now will maybe not work in a year or two.

But we are professionals, we are always one step ahead of the game and we will keep you on the loop.

What happens after you start making good money on autopilot?

You start trading and investing – so once you get there, we will get you onto that side of life as well, so that you don’t just spend your money – you multiply it.

Heard of bitcoin?

Everyone under my wing bought bitcoin when it was $142.

Think about that.



The fact that you are reading this article means that we are still not filled up and we still have place in our group for more members.

Fill the form below and I will send you what to do next via email.

I will also give you a way to contact me on Facebook messenger in case this is more convenient then email for you.

I am available every morning for 30-60 minutes to reply to any questions.

See you there!

Alex Casey