How To Earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?


So, you asked uncle google what is that new thing everyone is talking about… bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain…

Smart move!

After all, this is the future we’re talking about…

This article will hopefully give you all the answers you are looking for!

So, simply put… what is blockchain?

The blockchain is most of all a groundbreaking technology which can potentially transform our world as we know it. Pretty much just like the internet did recently. It can provide the needed trust and transparency in our world.

OK, and how to earn bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first project build on the blockchain. It’s a form of digital money, that can be transferred between 2 people with no 3rd party involved. Just like cash, but online.

You can buy it or mine it. If you want to make a profit from it, other than buying it and wait for the price to grow – keep on reading!

How do I earn some other cryptocurrency then?

All Altcoins (any cryptocurrency different than Bitcoin is called altcoin) can also be acquired by mining or buying them. There are different algorithms used and different miners and strategies and pools. It’s a complicated matter, but this article is just about the basics. Every altcoin has its own uniqueness and purpose. Usually, they are not created by governments like regular (fiat) currencies, but rather they are created to serve a purpose in a specific industry.

Obviously, this is a very large topic.

Our foundation is trying to help people better understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We’ve created a PDF called “Bitcoin Masterclass” which you can download at the bottom of this article and it will give you a better understanding of the whole crypto ecosystem.

It includes:

  • Basic explanations on what is blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins
  • How to buy and hold cryptocurrency
  • How to store (wallets)
  • How to trade bitcoins and altcoins
  • What are ICOs and how to invest in them
  • Mining Cryptocurrencies

The purpose of this file is just to get you going and give you your first steps towards understanding what is going on and how to acquire some crypto yourself.

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