Top 10 inspirational entrepreneurs stories

So today with have the top 10 inspirational stories of entrepreneurs that will help you face your fears.

1. Pierre Omidyar

EBay founder and chairman Pierre Omidyar enters the courthouse to testify in the eBay versus Craigslist trial at the Chancery Court in Georgetown, Delaware December 7, 2009. Whitman took the witness stand on Monday to make the case that free online classifieds provider Craigslist unfairly denied the giant e-commerce company a seat on its board. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer (UNITED STATES BUSINESS) - RTXRL4K

In 1995 he launched his website as the AuctionWeb where he auctioned personal stuff. Soon the website attracted so much traffic that the site was required to be upgraded. So he started to charge a fee for his services and now the company is known as eBay.


2. John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio


A group of friends back in 70’s started a beer distribution business. They utilized the old VW bus for the purpose. With the success, they tried their luck on drinks and launched AriZona teas that are now the no.1 worldwide distributor of green tea.


3. Matt Maloney and Mike Evans


There was a moment when these friends got sick of calling the restaurants for the food delivery.

  • They launched the GrubHub as the one stop shop for food delivery
  • Now the organisation is worth $3 billion


4. Joe Coulombe


Trader Joe got started by focusing on the students that would love to have affordable and delicious food with wine. So he launched tropical themed market and opened many locations near universities.



5. Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz

When working for a coffee bean roaster company he had an idea to open an espresso cafe. With a little finance from his employer now, he is the owner of Starbucks.



6. Phil Robertson


Love for Duck hunting made him refuse the chance of playing in the NFL. With proper merchandising and planning now he is the owner of world famous Duck Dynasty.



7. Konosuke Matsushita


He has the ideas for the improved light stock but no one was interested.

  • He started making samples in his basement in 1917.
  • Until 2008, Matsushita electric was not a famous name so they changed it to Panasonic, which now worth $66 billion.

8. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs


Working on the game software together the two college dropouts gained an excessive exposure to the computer. They worked at Atari and became the founder of Apple with Ron Wayne.



9. Sir Richard Branson


He created his first magazine at the age of 16 and launched the mail-order record company in 1970. With his first shop in London’s Oxford Street, the Virgin records now own everything from telecommunication to the space tourism.



10. Sir Anwar Pervez


At the age of 21, he moved to the UK with his family and launched the Bestway Group that is a convenience store. Now his business is worth $1.63 billion.

In order to be successful, you must stay in the company of successful people. In case you could not find the people you will have their stories.