How to manage your time and avoid distractions when you work from home

stopwatch-2061848_1280While working, especially from home many people get distracted as working from home has its own pros and cons. It is not your fault if you are not getting the job/work at hand in the required amount of time.

So, what is the main source of distractions? How often does it occur and who is to blame at the end. All of these questions have answers which represent the real reasons behind distraction of a person. The points or factors which will be gathered as a result of these questions provide valuable insight into a person and deliver his stance and amount of control over situations and aptitude towards meetings and working from home.

Distractions are very common in daily life. In fact, we all get distracted by little things in life. Technology, food, sleep and other things which makes an important part of our life are the most common distortions which one has to face when working from home.

In such a situation, it is advised to work with different strategies and try adopting new habits which will help in controlling your distractions. You can try things like restricting your gadgets and social media usage, restricting email and landline usage, restricting unnecessary meetings and interaction with people outside of work and neighbours, setting up a routine and schedule to follow strictly, and making activity index and other related stuff which will help you towards a more managed and organized approach towards working from home in a peaceful environment which adds to the productivity of your work.

Below we will give you some tips on how to manage your time and avoid distractions when you work from home:


1- Clearly defining your work hours to family

Family, is no doubt one of the most caring and loving part of your life. But you don’t want that part distracting you for work in anyway. So, what you need to do in order to not getting distracted by people with whom you live is that mention to them clearly that you have some strict working hours and will not be available. Signs like ‘Do not Disturb” outside your room will serve as viable resource in order to avoid distractions.

2- Setting up some at-work rules

When you are working from home, here are bound to be a lot of distractions. Everybody wants your time, your friends, peers, children and other members of the family. In order to avoid the trouble of explaining to them again and again about the type of your work, you can set some ground rules for yourself related to your work and probably mention them on some wall in the house or on your door, so that everybody knows that you are not to be disturbed in your working hours unless necessary.

3- Following a schedule

Schedules are boring, we know. But, they are also one of the best ways by which you could easily avoid distractions. When you have drafted a schedule for yourself, it becomes easy to give each thing its time, so that you have a healthy balance between work and life. It is healthy practice to allow yourself some rest and breaks while working to relieve you of the work stress, and spend some quality time with family. You can also take occasional breaks and schedule your day in order to suit your personal likes, for example, you may set early morning for working  because that is the time you feel like you are energetic and can do the work easily and fast so that you get to spend the afternoon with family and friends.

4- Managing your gadgets

Gadgets such as phones, iPods, and others are a huge distraction while working. They can be very disturbing and the only way in which that could be handled is that when you set aside separate time for checking on your gadgets and replying to emails and messages and stuff. It can be very disturbing to communicate a thing via email which could be solved in a matter of minutes via phone call or one-on-one meeting. O, avoiding the unnecessary use of gadgets would help you focus on your work better and stay alert without getting distracted.

5- Limiting the usage of social media

Social media is probably one of the biggest distractions there is which needs to be handled when working from home. What you can do is restrict the uage or allot some pecial time frame or part of the day when to check social media and reply to messages, tweets and others.

6- Allowing yourself to breath

Focusing all day and working from home can be tiring for you. What you need to do is get regular breaks and allow yourself some freedom before working again. Regular breaks are very important because they help you stay alert for the rest of the day.