How to Make Money Online With SEO Techniques


Just to begin this properly, SEO is constantly evolving and transforming to meet the needs of businesses today.  Because the major search engines are constantly creating new guidelines and regulations, content is always in need of a facelift.  What is acceptable today for good ranking and reputation building might not be tomorrow.  So, the goal with SEO and making money online is to develop a strategy that stays stable and consistent year after year.  Now, if you’re a major player in SEO today, there is one reason you probably got into it—and that is the money that can be made.

If you follow strictly white hat techniques and follow the format the search engines like, you really can make a substantial amount.  Let’s get started examining how all of this works now.

Focus SEO on the Right Niche Market to Make Money


You should target your SEO tactics on the right market, so choose one area that you hold expertise in and then go for it! When you really want to increase your profits, and make substantial profit every month, you can’t spread yourself too thin. Once you have the market you’re going to target you must build up a set of keywords to target. There are innumerable ways to go about doing this, but they need to be specific to your business and what it is your promoting or selling. The keywords that you choose are everything, whether they be long tail keywords or just one word in particular.  Focusing on these will help you gain better revenue and improve rank.

Yes, SEO is all about getting a business website on that first page of Google, but if not done right your profits are going to be low. Focus on keywords that have a high search volume but which are low in competition—if you’re going to beat out your competitors.  Now, there is a difference between keywords.  For instance:

  • Transactional keywords: these are keywords that a consumer will type into the search bar when they are looking for specific items and want to make a purchase. These are extremely important and impact how much money a company can make.
  • Informational keyword: these keywords are for informational purposes only. When consumers are looking for more information about a product or service they’ll type in different keywords and phrases. Having a common list to target will help your business stand out and be found.

Don’t forget how important it is to focus on your website too.  You want to have content that is informative and engaging. You also want to make sure your content gives the customer a reason to do business with you. The main goal is to be unique and different from others. Your website is a key to making money! When it is optimized properly it works far more effectively than those which don’t take the time to do the same.  If you can’t do it on your own, hire an SEO professional who knows their stuff!


Split Test Your Most Visited Web Site Pages to Improve Revenue from Your Website

When you split test you’re going to simply copy a page of your website and analyze it for worthiness.  This will help you drive prospects to your pages better, and it will also help you see your conversion rates can vary from page to page of your website.  Just remember that the conversion rate depends on keywords and long tail keywords you might be targeting.  At least—in regards to traffic and where they are going on your site.  Split testing is not only invaluable, but regarding SEO on your pages, this is one of the most profitable techniques a business owner can integrate.  You want to focus on the most visited pages of your website too! So, here is how you can get split testing to award you with the best analytics possible:

  • Create a copy of a web page
  • Change on specific area such as the Title heading or the main headline
  • Split your visitors between pages

This will allow you to see what is working better and what is really taking place in behind the scenes.  And you can easily do this without harming the proper format of the existing SEO.  You want to be ready when Google bots land on your website and begin indexing those critical pages—this is a proven way to do it; and quite possibly help you make adjustments that will improve revenue.  Let’s look at the main reasons why this is so important to your website and getting that revenue flowing.

Split Testing and Conversions are Both Critical Assessment Tools for Increasing Revenue 


It’s tried and true.  Some pages focus on conversion, other’s focus on content—original content!  Without these being assessed and tested an SEO strategy can go straight downhill.  Your reputation can be tarnished, along with any revenue being decreased.  This could begin to sink lower and lower.  No one wants that.  Too many websites have had to struggle to reach success, and they’ve been knocked down by Google and other major search engines themselves.  However, they didn’t have what your business is getting right now.  Great SEO tips that are going to keep your business model on the straight and narrow for financial success!  Split testing ensures:

  • Ranking confusion by alerting a business owner to content that is the same on multiple pages
  • Duplicate content penalties are all but done away with because you catch this early
  • Keywords are authentic and effective
  • Google will know exactly what page to rank in the SERP’s
  • And more

When it comes down to pages meant to focus on gaining conversions—it works out just a bit differently, but with the most sought after results too.  Conversions can be more important than the actual keywords themselves.  Web business owners must get potential customers performing the actions they need to get money!  Whether this is signing up to an email list, or accepting a trial offer for a product or service—those conversion rates are just as significant as the SEO itself.  If a business has an inclusion campaign going, and they want to increase consumer actions in the right way, the best thing to do is to:

  • Understand your own selling points on your page so your customer can too
  • Provide clear and concise information on what you’re offering or selling to get consumer interaction
  • Share worthy products and services that consumers want and need
  • The returns policy should be user friendly
  • And more

There is so much more to learn about all of this and making money online using SEO, but this is a great starting place for beginners.  More research is recommended, but the goal here is to give business professionals the right approach so they can be the best and make the most money possible.   Follow these tips listed and you will see a difference in your website’s performance.  Patience is everything!




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