How To Make Money with Dropshipping?


How can you make money online with drop shipping?  Does it seem too complex?  Are you lost on where to start?  You don’t have to be.  The process is really simple but it takes time to start making big money—especially if you want to do everything right the first time.  That’s what counts and it is exactly what makes you an authority for others. The first step in this process is opening a shopify store.  Hopefully you’ve heard about one of these.  Drop shipping is definitely growing at a rapid rate today, so it’s smart to see if it is something a smart professional might want to get in on.

When you start building your shopify store you want to make sure all the puzzle pieces come together.  You really can’t move forward at all until you know exactly what it is you want to sell.  You also must choose a niche market.  Now, there are several techniques and strategies online, but remember—the goal is to save time and do it right the first time.  Keep these 5 points in mind when you are setting up your store and preparing to get it launched.

  • Choose keywords that are going to represent your brand and what you’re selling—it’s the only way you’ll get good ranking and conversions
  • Go with what you’re passionate about because it is quite possibly what your target audience is also passionate about
  • Construct an interesting brand, not just a copycat
  • Make sure you capitalize on what is trending in the market
  • Focus on what you’re most experienced in so you can connect well with your target consumers

If you want to build a drop shipment business that is successful for the long-term these basic tips are critical.  You will have the opportunity to generate substantial income and gain flexibility with such a business model.

Is it Smart to Buy Traffic from Social Networks?

Will something such as this generate organic traffic and grow revenue

Some professionals starting up a business like this do become confused on the aspect of traffic growth?  Some claim to go with purchasing traffic while others say that is not an organic method and could be sketchy to most shop owners.  PPC advertising takes some time to grow traffic, and it does take rigorous work by the owner—if it is going to be effective.  Other professionals trust in their SEO technique and feel that is the best way to gain targeted consumers who are interested in their products and services.  As the reader can see, there is more than one way to do this, and most go with their gut for acquiring traffic. The bottom line here is that a merchant must be willing to put in his own money, a lot of time, remain determined, and properly manage the strategy.  The following 7 tips will help those newest to this type of business.  In fact, these should be carried out in the order they are presented to ensure a drop shipping business is going to go far!

  • Start with a strategic sales plan that will hold
  • Analyze the factors that can impact success in a positive way or negative way
  • Gain traffic that is targeted and organic, not just generalized
  • Push email marketing, but give consumers an incentive to sign up for an offer
  • Take advantage of Affiliate marketing
  • Use PPC advertising but be aware it takes time
  • Definitely use social media to your full advantage

Merchants need to realize what works for one business might not work for theirs.  This is on an individual basis and often requires trial and error.  The only way to succeed is to try and try again.  These businesses are extremely competitive today as more and more jump on that good old bandwagon.  However, if you have an original idea and what that consumers will gravitate to, you have a winner!


Promote Your Shopify Business with Good Old Fashioned Content that Gives Back

Content is always going to be the cream of the crop.  No matter what your SEO strategy is, or you advertising strategy; without extremely informative and engaging content your store will struggle.  Now, with eCommerce stores this varies a bit.  Product descriptions come into play.  These must be well written, and you want them to go viral if you can do so.  Sharing across all social platforms is important, but you should know which platform will work better for your business too.  For instance, if you focus heavily on imagery then you’ll do better on a platform like Pinterest and Instagram.  If you have content, FB and Twitter are going to be your go to’s.

Having a blog on your page, or linked to your shopify page is significant. Once again, the content should be focused on the merchant’s brand, how it can help the consumer and why the consumer should want to do business with them and not a competitor?  Now, the blog content can also share generalized content that is focused on the market—material consumers might be passionate about.  For example, ecofriendly products and services, trending items, etc.  It is also recommended to follow an SEO strategy when creating content.  Having good keywords and great formatting is just as important as the content itself.  If your blog is not crafted in a way that consumers are more interested in, you might not get much of an audience.  But, a blog can help a merchant’s business become an authority and it can ensure a wide reach into their target market. The following below tips will help merchants create the best content for promoting their business and engaging their audience:

  • Have a solid, targeted content plan
  • Make sure your content illustrates you’re not just selling products, but solutions for consumers and advice in your market as well
  • Use images in your content to better promote and market your services and brand
  • Make sure you have the time to market and drive traffic with your content
  • Post content several times a week

Drop shipping businesses also must offer outstanding service, at all times.  This includes specializing in one spectacular area of expertise too.  When you bring an original service or product—as a merchant you’re already one step ahead.  Think in the long-term and put in the proper time (as has been mentioned).  Maintain those pleasant, happy customers and work hard to spread the word about your new drop shipping business!




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