How to Make Money Online with Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is one of the most powerful strategies available to business owners today.  This is the best way a company must engage and interact with consumers too.  The main objective is to share content that is informative and extremely interesting.  If you can create content that motivates others to share, you’ll begin to see a slow but steady trend for your business.  This gives traction for newly launched businesses.  So, the content absolutely must be:

  • Valuable
  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Authentic

Businesses can certainly have more than one social media account as well, but there are guidelines here.  This can be a time-consuming process to be sure, but it is worth it for the long-term.

Understanding the Guidelines and Objectives for Setting Up Social Media Accounts


Yes, it’s time consuming, but if you do it right it makes all the difference to your business.  These accounts depict your personality, interests, and your main business model.  Social media outlets simply help a company express themselves in a better way and they can increase revenue streams.  Further, newly launched companies will have the chance to reach new clients and build better brand recognition in the process too.  Understanding how important the profile is, is critical.  This should be impressive and really illustrate what the company is all about. The following bulleted points will help a new business navigate through social media platforms easier.

  • You need to understand the settings on your profile page. When building your profile, you need to be specific and descriptive about the person and/or business using the account. This can be a group or an individual.
  • Choosing how to form and introduce your bio on your page is important to its success and your brand. The bio is in addition to other personal information concerning the owner of the account.  This might include website information and an email address—especially for company owned accounts.  The product or service being sold also needs to be detailed well, because this is critical to the marketing success.  Also important is linking accounts.  Linking your twitter, Google and FB accounts makes the entire process simpler and helps with promotion.  You can also use images!
  • The usage of images on social media accounts gives further personalization, which is important. Images help to improve the product and service by allowing potential buyers to learn more through visual cues.  The logo is everything too, as this represents the entire company and should hold direct relevance to the products for sale.  In other words, it should complement the products and services.  This enhances the sales and marketing capabilities of the company.
  • Updating and checking feedback from visitors is also very critical to a business’s success. The page of the company should be updated regularly and new products added.  Prices should also be updated when changes take place.  This should be immediate.  Any potential client remarks should be immediately responded to—just to illustrate that they do matter!
  • Yes, you need to grow your social media audience! This is probably one of the most influential factors within social media.  How well you can grow your audience really does determine how successful you’re going to be.

What to Promote and Targeting Your Social Media Audience


There are so many things to consider when you’re promoting products and attempting to properly target your audience as well.  You want to grow and develop an audience that is directly in line with your company.  In other words, you want a following that wants your products and services.  Anything else is insignificant.  So, of course you must be able to pinpoint who your ideal customer is, but how do you go about that?  And how do you choose what to promote and what not to promote?  There are some strategies to this as well—let’s take a look.

  1. Identifying the ideal customer means doing the necessary research. You must test your market to determine exactly what it is they are looking for and what it is they really want.  When you’re developing your business make sure you’re focusing on the consumer, not what you hope to gain!
  2. Determining your audience size is another important factor that helps to build your social media following. Once you have targeted your audience and understand what it is they want and need you can begin building ad campaigns that will reach further.  FB provides tools that work amazingly well for marketers who are attempting to gather accurate data about their business.
  3. To understand your audience even better you can conduct customer surveys. This works well for a business who has an existing audience base.  All that is required is to pinpoint where your readers spend most of their time on your site and go from there.  If they hang out more on social media sites versus reading your blog you can do things to improve upon this area.
  4. After you have surveyed your audience and gathered all the necessary data you can better connect and engage with them. Put this knowledge to work across all media platforms so that you can have the targeted customers your business needs for success.

Now you need to know exactly what to promote too!


Brainstorm products and services

What market do you want to work in?  If you have an idea about the products you’d like to promote, then this can certainly be a huge advantage to you.  Start by creating a list of ideas that might be effectively promoted.

Back to understanding the customer

You can’t do anything unless you understand your customer, something that we will keep coming back to.  Once you do you will know what to promote.  Now, the best way to understand your customer is by browsing forums where they’ve visited.  This should be correlated with your product to be promoted.  This is the easiest way to determine your specific customers wants and needs.  Keep it simple!

Of course, you need to promote the best products on the market

Now that you have all the necessary data it is time for you to go and find the best-selling product to promote so you can begin making money!  Remember, it must meet the customer’s needs.  In this respect, you can go after several products to experiment and compete with.

Persuasion is everything

You must have a persuasive pitch to sale your products.  You must convince your targeted customers they can’t live without the item you’re promoting.  If you can address the concerns of the market and ensure your product provides a solution to that problem, then you’ll be able to effectively market it.  Just remember, your sales page must have great visuals, excellent content and it must convince consumers to buy!

Staying on top of your Social Media Marketing Growth


Hopefully everything that has been shared with you here will help you to stay on top of your marketing growth and continue to build a successful and sustainable strategy.  If you can remember all the following bulleted below, you’ll be good to go:

  • Maintain a strong social media profile and profile pages
  • Continuously provide informative and engaging content that is shareable
  • Make sure your site is user friendly and all features are consumer focused
  • Cross promote all your social accounts for excellent exposure




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