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Automated marketing services is a software programme designed for organisations to automate tasks that are repetitive. Marketing departments of the organisation specify criteria and outcome for particular tasks as well as processes and they are then executed by the software. This ultimately benefits the department and the organisation as it reduces errors and improves efficiency. Automated marketing services were originally designed to automate email marketing however it have expanded beyond its original design and are now use to provide a broad range of analytic and marketing services.

There are three types of automated marketing services available. These are

Marketing intelligence: This software is used to track code in email, social media and webpages. The idea is to track the behaviour of individuals who may be interested in a service or product and therefore assist in target marketing the individual. The software records when a linked was clicked or which search words were used to get to a website. This type of software allows a more targeted response to the interest of the individual

Marketing automation focuses on moving a lead from the top of a marketing funnel to become ready for a sale at the bottom. Prospective users are scored based on the activities and then targeted by a campaign messaging service by email. The multiple links analysis can then track the buyer’s behaviour and therefore allow the organisation to give a more targeted approach to the buyer given that they already have interests in a particular product or service thus funnelling them down towards a sale. This type of approach is usually associated with business to government services as well as business to business since it involves several areas of marketing and must be integrated into the sales processes.

Advanced work flow automation automates the internal marketing practices of a department. These include but are not limited to planning, budgeting, workflow and approvals. The program is essential in supporting the internal efficiency of a marketing department. These systems however requires that the administrator develop complicated series of rules which are then triggered to alert marketing professionals to implement a particular manual process such as developing an email campaign. The system therefore allows marketing professionals to provide relevant content to specific individual at a specific time. However this type of automation still require human input and can be delayed if the employee fails to deliver on the task assigned.

Essentially fully automated marketing services provides information throughout all the stages of the marketing strategy and can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any organisation.